Public dirt: Shepard doesn’t really talk about his past before New Babylon. All that is known is that he served in the Army in Iraq. He was homeless before the embrace and seems happy to remain that way. If asked about it, he says it is even easier being homeless as one of the Damned. He is often found assisting homeless or vets. He has shown himself willing to assist anyone who asks. He happily gives out a pager number to every Kindred he meets. He is often sent by the Sheriff or Bishop when someone needs extra hands or eyes.

Physical Appearance: Keeps a clean but worn appearance with his beard slightly overgrown and wearing his long hair in a ponytail. Dresses in the layered method most homeless employ with cargo pants and two or three shirts with an army coat with all the patches ripped off. He has a couple of fanny packs and a backpack. His weathered appearance makes him look like he is in his late 30’s or early 40’s.

Usual Availability on Discord: Most weekdays 1000-1300 and 2000-0000. I work overnights and can chat but it would be interrupted. Weekends vary but can make time if you message me.

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