Just over a decade ago the city of New Babylon came under the control of a seemingly unstoppable supernatural force no one understood. They called it the God-Machine, for its servants were as angels and its tools were pieces of vast mechanical infrastructures invisible to mortal and often to those aware of the true nature of the world as well. The God-Machine and its servants purged the city of nearly all other supernatural entities, including the vampires who dwelt there and believed themselves the masters of the city and its mortal herd.

After only a year, just a dozen Kindred still survived when once there were nearly fifty. Since they have operated under an increasingly strict set of guidelines regarding secrecy and security, even more than the usual laws of the blood demanded. More time passed, a handful of years lived in fear rather than power. Hunted rather than hunters. Even for the children of the night, it was a dark time.

The mortals, in the meantime, thrived. A time of unprecedented prosperity for the humans’ city followed, leading to it being chosen to host the 2014 Summer Olympics. Few know what occurred leading up to and during the opening ceremony, but it was clear a conflict between the forces of the God-Machine and several cabals of mages escalated to a point where the mortal arcanists were able to overthrow the yoke of that which had wrapped New Babylon so tightly in chains.

Ever cautious and patient, the Kindred of the city waited many years for the God-Machine to re-assert control, but it never has. Now Prince Thorne has declared the time of obscuration has ended and for the Kindred to seize control of the city once again. To this end, every Kindred remaining in the city has been ordered to take a childe or face exile, something that has not been permitted for over a decade.

You are these newly embraced vampires, born in blood and darkness to take back the night.

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