Public Information:

Not a New Babylon native, Nancy has a reputation for her charity work within the city of Portland, working with a Baptist church to spread salvation to the needy. Since relocating, she's been slow to move back into the mortal world fully, while simultaneously distancing herself from her sire. Polite, respectful and soft spoken, she always has an ear for those with a need to talk.

Height: 5'6
Weight: 122lbs

The most striking feature Nancy sports is her shaved head, brown fuzz cut to the skull, which is likely a deliberate attempt to rest control over her image. Slightly taller than normal, she is always seen in a variety of flats in order to undermine her size, topped by loose fitting mom jeans. Regardless of temperature, she is always seen in a variety of woolen cardigans

Usual Availability:

Most days and times, but I'm a full time parent, so I might get distracted on a moments notice.

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