Josiah Millner is the childe of Seneschal Mathers. Obviously coming from a wealthy background, Josiah is an expert in business and finance. He seems to know quite a lot about the landscape of New Babylon itself. He is friendly and seems eager, both to learn and to be useful. As a new member of The Ordo Dracul, mentored by Mercy, he is less occult-savvy than other members, but is a keen student.


Josiah dresses well, most typically in a navy blue suit, dress shirt and narrow black necktie. He keeps his blonde hair short, and meticulously styled. He's not particularly handsome, and tends not to stand out in a crowd. Wherever he is, he carries himself as though he belongs there. His default smile tells little about what he is thinking, and his eyes dart about constantly.


The most persistent rumor is that Josiah Millner hasn't legally died yet. He deflects any questions along these lines.

Though he attended several Lancea Sanctum masses, Millner chose to join with The Ordo Dracul. More importantly, this was obviously expected by Seneschal Mathers and Mercy.

"Did Millner get a haircut just before his Embrace? It sure looks that way. Have you looked at his hands? I'm betting there was a manicure, too. If someone ever sees him without shoes, check his feet."

Josiah has a real penchant for feeding on finance bros, lawyers, high-class hookers and anyone else who is flying high on cocaine.

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