Mystery Cults and Vampires[edit | edit source]

  • If a Mystery Cult gives your character a Merit they are unable to take (for instance, most vampires are unable to take Supernatural Merits from the Chronicles of Darkness book like Clairvoyance or Telekinesis), you instead gain a number of free Merit dots equal to the value of the Merit you couldn't take. These dots should be used to take Merits similar to the theme of the original Merit whenever possible.

Vitae and Hunting[edit | edit source]

(This system is taken from Wanton Wicked, and will eventually be replaced by a system based on territories/feeding grounds as game complexity increases)

  • It’s assumed all Kindred hunt for an average of 1 Vitae per night in their downtime, to counteract the loss of Vitae from waking from daysleep, so Vitae pools don’t decrease over time by default. Players otherwise keep track of their own Vitae pools from night to night.
    • Note: If under the effect of any power or circumstance that would prevent you from ‘casually’ feeding with normal mechanics, you do NOT get the nightly Vitae back in downtime; any feeding methodologies will need to account for the nightly loss.
  • A Vampire PC’s player may make one hunting roll per chapter (week), using the system for ‘feeding scenes with dice’ on VtR2e page 96. Dramatic failure cannot be willingly taken, and an Exceptional success instead provides the Sated condition. If a Dramatic Failure is somehow naturally rolled, contact a Storyteller.
    • The vitae gained from the weekly roll can be applied throughout the week rather than all at once. For example, if you are down 2 vitae and a hunt gains 6 vitae, 2 vitae can be applied immediately and 4 remaining can be used to replenish any other losses for that week.
    • 1 vessel = 3 vitae (or 7 with a breaking point, implying the victim died).
    • You may NOT gain the bonus for extra time; it’s already assumed you’re spending several hours over the week doing your hunting.
  • Vitae gained In-Character from other PCs or NPCs works normally and has no effect on hunting rolls or visa versa. You may not, however, gain Vitae from retainers or similar merits in this way; if they’re willing to provide blood to you, buy Herd.

If there’s any confusion about something might be affected by this, ask a Storyteller!

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