Summary[edit | edit source]

Character creation for Requiem for New Babylon is, mechanically speaking, entirely by the book. For now please use one of the PDFs as a character sheet and send it to JP through whatever means you have. I am currently exploring an option for a database online but it will take additional time.

Narratively speaking, please also provide a bulletpoint history of your character's mortal life and the circumstances of their Embrace.

Each sire has a certain amount of childer they can or will Embrace at this time, your character must have been embraced in or after October 2019. Any time between embrace and game start, your character has been carefully kept and taught the ways of the Kindred by either your sire or an appropriate mentor. Due to the peculiar circumstances, by declaration of Prince Thorne every childe must be taught the basics of all five Covenants and permitted to choose among them of their own free will. Therefore it is entirely possible your character was embraced by one NPC but instructed by another. Please make this clear in your bulletpoint history if so.

If players beyond the limit all express interest in the same sire and cannot come to an agreement among themselves, a single d10 die roll will determine who will not be able to choose that sire (whoever rolls lowest, rerolling ties for lowest). It may still be possible to have trained with that NPC instead of being sired with them! We will work together to tell the best story we can.

If truly none of the sires fit your playstyle, or all those who fit your playstyle have been taken, we may allow a few Nomad PCs to come in from out of town. Only up to 5 of these characters will be allowed, and they will still be neonates embraced relatively recently.

Please do not attempt to circumvent the age restriction by claiming to have been a ghoul or some other supernatural before becoming a vampire. Additionally all characters must be at least 18 years of age in appearance and chronology.

Steps:[edit | edit source]

  1. This link is to the sheet we will be using
  2. Click link
  3. Click File: Make a Copy
  4. Rename file as your character's name
  5. Fill in sheet
  6. Share with me ( ) This is seriously going to help me keep track of everyone's stats and aspirations to include additional relevance in the game. Thanks!
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